looks like I’ll be front-toothless for the next few weeks; dentist moved the process along to the next part, which included grinding the remainder into nothing, then trying to glue a temp crown in place. First attempt didn’t work, so he tried attaching it to the teeth on either side. Yeah no, that lasted about three bites. So, grin you bastard.

Going to Poznan, Poland again in a few weeks, my first road gig since I went there a year and a half ago. No idea what it’ll be, but it’s the birthday party for a social DJ there, so maybe her friends will show up. And yeah, I’ll be gap-faced then. La.

got a nice compliment the other night; the woman whose party i am playing end of May, the one who was right in there for much of the history of techno in Berlin, told me I am the only DJ she’s heard in the last maybe 15 years who gets her to where I get her. I am trying to gently coax her into working some of her network for me, maybe even finding me a booking agent; gosh that would be swell. If I contact anyone direct, with my non-existent dancefloor pedigree, i won’t even be ignored, will just bounce right off the glass as if I didn’t exist, forever. With her word behind it, I expect someone should have the good sense to take the call. My new mix is outstanding, so hopefully that will get the chains to jingle.

Also the other week I was at Berghain, and said hi to the girlfriend of one of my favorite DJs; she introduced me to her friend, who said, oh, you’re the DJ? I have two mixes of yours, and: you are really something special. Doubly nice that she said it in front of that DJ’s babe, game of inches and all.

So, yeah, a few lights flirting on the horizon. Good thing, because I am feeling a bit despondent of late. I gotta get my creaky ass to the frisbee field already.

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