the creeping crud has finally subsided/mostly fucked the hell off, so am mad busy trying to look busy again. Tonight 28, Bhu’s band is playing, should get a hundred or maybe 2, then I DJ after, start gentle and haunting then gradually try to turn the party on. In full pit crew mode, trying to keep it all on the rails and moving towards the goal. Friday we go to Geneva Switzerland, where they headline before supposedly 2,000: THIS I so wanna see. then we buzz down to Zurich for a couple of days and come back on Monday. Switzerland huh, sounds fine by me! There’s still very impacted tension gunking up the vibe of the band, mainly in the person of the absolutely brilliant guitarist; fingers extra crossed that he’ll have a good enough time playing there that he is inspired to sort out his priorities in a way that puts valuing the vibe of the band high enough up.

Got a nice note from my sister tonight, so very not, that the shop where a lot of my stuff is stored had some water damage. No idea what is affected. All the paintings I saved are there. Great. Also, she’s going to be fixing that place up soon, so needs it emptied out, and doesn’t have room in her house for my stuff, so can I please make some arrangements? And come and deal with it? Goddammit. I don’t have the time and omfg certainly not the money, and I *REALLY* don’t want to set foot in the US anytime soon. Plus, my MD license is expired, leaving me rather paralyzed. But, there’s acceptance, and everything else. One way or another, i guess there’s a big chapter coming down the river. Really sucks. Whatev.

First time i played at our new location, a friend came with two women. One of them was super supportive of my set, thumbs up over and over, big smiles. Turns out she used to run a series of excellent techno clubs here since the early days, and has pretty much seen and heard the best of them. It seems she is a big fan of my mixing. Coming from the average dancer/guest, that’s a fine and welcome thing, but coming to it with a history like that, damn, that leaves a mark, innit? She is planning a 50th birthday party end of May, and I am invited to play. Everybody else on the bill is a who’s-who of early underground Berlin techno, very choice. Yep, them and one rising star. This is the sort of news I like, indeed.

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