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bag it, bring it.

apparently i have decided to celebrate the end of the year with a raging cough, just great. had a bit of a hack earlier in the week, but I guess after a late night waiting for my DJ slot last night (which ended a half hour in, shitass), the body just bit tight the anchor and dove. At least I’ll get a midnight hug and kiss for the first time in like ages. Supposed to play again at this club we’ve been trying like hell to salvage, but after last night it’s fine with me if I never set foot in there again. so much wasted hope. It’s been great to have the opportunity to develop my dancefloor sets on a semi-proper system, no complaints there, but dammit, it stings to pour your heart into a set for 8 body-sprayed knuckleheads and their chicken-dancing scrawny babes. We gave it a good go, now it is SO time to kiss it goodbye. Already lining up other places; had a good party at the epic dowager of a squat Tacheles, in their little bar; small but super enthusiastic crowd. Three or four more shows lined up there.

new set online, Chromaphage. starts mellow then goes full on, 90 minutes. time to alert the entire goddamn planet, book me bitchez!

anyway, thanks for playing the home version, I’m going to go slip into the slowly warming place between the blankets and wait for midnight. Give your 2012 a nice warm hallo for me.

okey dokish

I guess it’s just stress. last fall I ran out of cash, and was still damned heartbroken. have had a few sessions of major stress lately, i supposed that was it. the coffee i had to take to get through the job last weeks didn’t help. did a cool ultrasound thing, saw no non-contracting tissue, though my BP is a little high. will see about how to reduce that and get back to living otherwise badly ; ) was looking good after a few months at the gym, Bhu approves of any promises to get back to that. She used to swim regularly until she got sick of greasy dirtmen drooling at her, but I’ve pointed out to her how much and well she loves to spit “fucckkoff” at such things, so maybe she’ll start up again too. just gotta stabilize my income a little better. very liking a mix I made last month, just gotta make the time to edit it and get it out there, get that little spark top catch a breeze. project I made for last job is gorgeous, will put that out as soon as they say sure.


last fall, started to notice the occasional twinge in my heart, and once in a while an unexplained pain here or there in my left arm, but never saw a doctor about it. last couple of weeks, things have gotten more distinctive, and I finally made an appointment with a cardio specialist. or, at least found when walk-in hours are, lady said bring a book. fingers crossed. a couple of friends say they have “valve issues”, for which there isn’t much of a solution except do enough cardio and avoid stress. Had an on and off freelance job the last couple of weeks, for which caffeine was required to keep from bruising my forehead from repeatedly falling asleep against the monitor. I fucking hate caffeine, and am guessing that’s what triggered it. We shall see.

but the project I was working on (and am still tweaking) is going to be damn lovely, a shot of a girl in an insufficient wee boatlet in big stormy waves. studio did the 3D of the girl and newspaper sack watercraft, bobbling along, and I did everything else. will put it up as soon as I’m allowed.

Buh’s band has four members, three of which are in another band, and the fourth has a small record label and a little bit of cash to play with. Despite his reluctance, they cajoled him into producing an album for them, which he would release, and as predicted, the project went all fuck you, no fuck you, no you shut up, etc., and now there is tension in Bhu’s band. they have been trying to resolve, but it doesn’t really seem to be settling down, so sometime soon everybody, including Bhu, is gonna have a sitdown together, and i am going to mediate. Bhus is stressed, but i am trying to keep her positive.

Will start thinking more soon about doing a project together with Bhu; if we put out an album, my friend will gladly release it. he has gotten the crew 3 days/week access to a decent little audio project studio, so i am going to try and make a lot of time to get my ass up there and work on shit, my own tracks to start but it could go anywhere. For all the security and stability I have had this past most of year, I have been pathetically uncreative. Bahhh.

will teach a one day ~8 hour workshop in After Effects around Feb 3 I think, that’s exciting. then start the proper course in maybe April. will be good to get back into that.

have been waiting forever for a box to be shipped from my sister; first effort was a slovenly clusterfuck of incompetence, but attempt number 2 seems a definite maybe. it’s at customs, let’s see if the sticker notice gets to my door okay. what a joke.

an oldie, way goodie

I was sitting at Bhu’s bar the other night, and she said oh you should talk to this guy. Turns he’s from NYC too, and was often at Twilo, the big shrine to all things debauched, especially techno, that I used to frequent. He said were you there the night of the fire? Oh yes, i especially was. Back in 2001, a big DJ was scheduled to play there (Digweed, if you must), and he insisted they have a chillout system/DJ, so the club built a little chainlink booth in the men’s room, with sound in the hallway as well. Pretty cool; everybody pees, so everybody had to be subjected to my devious mischief at least a few times during the ride. A little hard to see more than a foot into the dark beyond the front-lit fencing, but no matter. Good fun. Soat one point, i had a couple few tracks layered together, and it was somehow too creepy even for me; i actually felt this cyliner of greasy nastiness roiling in the far top corner of the room, and decided I better get that shit off and put on something safer, just ewwww, done. whew. Moving right along. Five minutes later a friend stops in and says we’re clearing the club out, there’s a fire in the ceiling on the other side of the far wall. You know, right behind where i was generating the creepy roil. Oopsie! So, yeah, 2,000 rolling ravers out into the February cold. Most of my friends have heard this story,

But here’s the kicker: this guy even had a picture from the street! Behold!!

how damn cool is that!

in other news, I am getting a license to Maya soon; this is a brilliant thing. It is THE hot platform for high-end 3D, and one does not meddle in cracks of it unless one wants very much to have it phone home and tell the police where to send the bill. And it happens, in fact it’s almost guaranteed. So damn excited about this!

starting some woodworking; thinking i will make my desk a standing desk, not sure how that will work. will have a stool with a back on it for some tasks, but will try to be up off my ass as much as possible. At my age, the risk of heart disease increases radically when you let the ass parts go numb.